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Individual / CompanyLicense TypeLicense Valid Through
Master Plumber with Gas2018
2 Wire Electric IncElectrical Contractor2019
2M Restoration - Jeri MeyerGeneral Contractor A2019
A-1 Builders, IncGeneral Contractor A2019
A-One ConcreteGeneral Contractor A2019
A&H Electric IncElectrical Contractor2019
Aaron Weisbender / CE Plumbing Heating & ACJourneyman Mechanical2018
Aaron Weisbender / CE Plumbing Heating & AirMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Aaron Westerhouse / Westerhouse Heating & CoolingMaster Mechanical2018
Aaron Wurtz / Ace Electric-Jones Co IncJourneyman Electrician2019
Absolute AirMechanical Contractor2018
Absolute Building Concepts LLCGeneral Contractor B2017
Absolute Welding & FabricationGeneral Contractor A2019
Accel Corporation LLCGeneral Contractor A2017
Accurate Electric IncElectrical Contractor2019
Ace Electric Electrical Contractor2017
Ace Electric-Jones Co IncElectrical Contractor2019
Adam Berry / Economy ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Adam D Springer / Economy ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Adam Holmes / Current Electrical CoJourneyman Electrician2017
Adam R HopkinsMaster Plumber2018
Advanced Electric LLCElectrical Contractor2019
Affordable ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Ahlvers, Lanny / US EngineeringJourneyman Mechanical2018
Akins Plumbing and Mechanical LLCPlumbing Contractor2018
Alan AdolphJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Alan Headley Journeyman Electrician2019
Alan Lueske / McElroys ElectricJourneyman Electrician2017
Alan SelfMaster Electrician2019
Albert J. LogueMaster Electrician2017
Alenco Inc / Pat FugittGeneral Contractor C2017
Alexander, ShawnMaster Plumber with Gas2018
All Climate Refrigeration LLCMechanical Contractor2018
Allen HarterJourneyman Electrician2019
Allen Rentals and RepairGeneral Contractor A2019
Alliance DevelopmentsGeneral Contractor A2019
Allstar Services, Inc / Gary PatnodeGeneral Contractor A2019
Altenhofen Industries LLC Sign Contractor2019
Alternative AirElectrical Contractor2019
Alternative Air Plumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
AMF Electrical ContractorsGeneral Contractor A2019
AMF Electrical Contractors, IncElectrical Contractor2019
Amp Electric Electrical Contractor2019
Anderson, Joseph CMaster Electrician2019
Andre Barton / Torgeson ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Andrew CostaJourneyman Electrician2019
Andrew Martinitz / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
Andrew Schlink / Andys Refrigeration LLCMaster Mechanical2018
Andrew Speakar / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Andrew Steinlage / Current ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Andys Refrigeration LLCMechanical Contractor2018
Anthony M. Allison / Heartland Electric IncMaster Electrician2017
Anthony Mitoska / Georgia PacificJourneyman Mechanical2018
AP Mountain States LLCGeneral Contractor A2019
Apex Building CoGeneral Contractor A2017
Apple Elecric Inc.Electrical Contractor2017
Appletech - George LauppeGeneral Contractor A2019
Aqua Flow Plumbing LLCPlumbing Contractor2018
Area Wide ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
ASA Carlton, IncGeneral Contractor A2017
Aspen ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
At Your ServiceGeneral Contractor A2019
Austin Thayer / Bobs PlumbingJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Ayon, Theodore E.Journeyman Mechanical2018
BA Green Construction Co., IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Back 9 Development IncGeneral Contractor C2019
Bahm Construction IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Bammes ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Banta Jr, Robert L / Alternative AirJourneyman Plumber2018
Barney Pontious / Barneys ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Barneys ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Barnhardt Construction LLCGeneral Contractor B2017
Barts Electric Co IncElectrical Contractor2019
Bates, Lynn SGeneral Contractor A2017
Bayer ConstructionDrainlaying Contractor2018
BBH LLC DBA Cooks Heating & CoolingMechanical Contractor2018
Beacon Group IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Bear Construction Services IncGeneral Contractor A2017
Belfor USA GroupGeneral Contractor A2017
Bell Electrical Contractors, IncElectrical Contractor2019
Belleau Wood Homes, LLCGeneral Contractor A2019
Ben KitchensGeneral Contractor A2019
Ben Stallings / Fatboy Electric IncMaster Electrician2019
Benchmark EnterprisesGeneral Contractor A2019
Benjamin J Eisenhut / Midwest ElectricalJourneyman Electrician2017
Benjamin Wilson / Decker ElectricMaster Electrician2017
Bennington, GaryJourneyman Gasfitter2018
Bennington, GaryMaster Mechanical2018
Bennington, GaryMaster Plumber2018
Bernard AlfersMaster Electrician2019
Berry, Trever / Central Mechanical ServicesJourneyman Gasfitter2018
Berry, Trever / Central Mechanical ServicesMaster Mechanical2018
Better Service IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
BHS Construction General Contractor A2019
Billinger ConstructionGeneral Contractor B2019
Billy R Dieball / McCaleb ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
BJ Custom HomesGen. Combination Contractor52013
BK ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Blaine Barnes / Boman ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Blair Contruction IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Blake R Furne / All Climate RefrigerationMaster Mechanical2018
Blankley, KeithMaster Electrician2019
Blecha Construction, IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Blue Collar ComfortMechanical Contractor2018
Blue Max Plumbing IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Blue Mountain Capital Inc General Contractor A2019
Blueville Nursery IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Bobby R. Armitage / Alternative Air Master Mechanical2018
Bobby Rignell / Midwest Plumbing Heating and AirMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Bobby RIgnell / Midwest Plumbing Heating and AirMaster Mechanical2018
Bobs Heating & AirMechanical Contractor2018
Bobs PlumbingPlumbing Contractor2018
Bolton Electric Inc Electrical Contractor2019
Bolton, Thomas / Bolton Electric IncMaster Electrician2019
Boman Electric LLCElectrical Contractor2019
Borst RestorationPlumbing Contractor2018
Borst RestorationGeneral Contractor A2019
Bowen Siding & Home ImprovementGeneral Contractor A2019
Box Lab Inc / Christopher SpawGeneral Contractor A2017
Brad Heinisch / Central Mechanical Construction Master Mechanical2018
Brad Heinisch / Central Mechanical ConstuctionMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Brad McCune / M&R Plumbing IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Braddock, David L.Master Plumber2018
Bradley Botteron / Wachter, IncMaster Electrician2019
Bradley CyrJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Braley Construction IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Bramhall, Robert / Thermal Comfort AirMaster Mechanical2018
Brandon Fentress / Brandons Heating and AirMaster Mechanical2018
Brandon J. Lamb Journeyman Electrician2019
Brandon M Glessner Journeyman Plumber with Gas2018
Brandons Heating and AirMechanical Contractor2018
Brenda Von EllingJourneyman Electrician2019
Brett HadenMaster Electrician2017
Brian Bunel / Guardia Electric LLCMaster Electrician2019
Brian Ellis / ECI Systems Journeyman Electrician2019
Brian Finegan / US Engineering CompanyMaster Mechanical2018
Brian Higgins / Wichita Electric Company IncMaster Electrician2017
Brian K Peterson / Bayer ConstructionMaster Drainlayer2018
Brian McCune / Wachter, IncMaster Electrician2019
Brian Raulston / DR PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Brian Riggle / Rays ElectricJourneyman Electrician2017
Brian Romme / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
Brian Williamson / Engineered DesignsJourneyman Electrician2017
Brice L. Trudo / Mikes PlumbingJourneyman Plumber2018
Bright Ideas Signs & More (Nothern Ventures Inc. Sign Contractor2017
Brighter Homes LLC / Wilbur EngelGeneral Contractor B2017
Briscoe Air and HeatingMechanical Contractor2018
Brooks, MikeJourneyman Plumber2018
Brothers Construction General Contractor C2019
Brown & Co.General Contractor A2019
Bruce J Hight / Central Mechanical Construction Journeyman Plumber with Gas2018
Brummett ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Bryan Chestnut / H&L ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Bryan Cranston / Quality Electric of Douglas County, IncJourneyman Electrician2017
Bryant Anderson / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
Buildcraft, Inc. General Contractor A2017
Burklund, KevinJourneyman Mechanical2018
Burklund, Kirby / Bobs Plumbing Heating & AirJourneyman Mechanical2018
Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Burton, CharlesMaster Electrician2019
Burton, CharlesMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Burton, Charles / Tiptop PlumbingMaster Mechanical2018
Busboom & Rauh Construction Co, Inc.General Contractor A2019
Butler Plumbing & HeatingPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Butler, Dennis / Butler Plumb. & HeatingMaster Mechanical2018
Butler, Dennis /Butler Plumb. & HeatingMaster Plumber2018
C. Shane Good / Thermal Comfort AirMaster Mechanical2018
C.R. Pheonix, LLCGeneral Contractor A2017
C&D EnterprisesGeneral Contractor C2017
C&K Construction / Charles OsbournPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Callabresi Heating & Cooling, Inc.Mechanical Contractor2018
Calmes, LeRoyJourneyman Mechanical2018
Cameron S Schulte / Current Electrical Co., IncJourneyman Electrician2017
Capital Electric Construction Co.,IncElectrical Contractor2019
Capitol Construction Services IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Capstone DevelopmentGeneral Contractor B2019
Capstone DevelopmentPlumbing Contractor2018
Carley Construction General Contractor B2019
Carlson Heating & AirMechanical Contractor2018
Carolina Carports IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Carr, KentMaster Mechanical2018
Carr, KentMaster Plumber2018
Carrick Electric IncElectrical Contractor2019
Carson Kirmer / Harrison Electric - Claflin KSJourneyman Electrician2019
CAS Constructors LLCGeneral Contractor A2019
CCE Service IncElectrical Contractor2019
CE Plumbing Heating & ACPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
CE Plumbing Heating & ACGeneral Contractor A2019
Celeste Installations & Repair LLCElectrical Contractor2019
Central Mechanical ConstructionPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Central Mechanical Construction CoElectrical Contractor2019
Central Mechanical ServicesPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Chad Badura / Torgeson ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Chad Darrah / Darrah ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Chad Dore / Wichita Electric Company IncMaster Electrician2017
Chad’s Carpentry ServicesGeneral Contractor A2019
Champion Builders Gen. Combination Contractor2017
Champion Window of KC, LLCGeneral Contractor C2017
Chancey L Larson / L&L TrenchingMaster Drainlayer2018
Charles D Ullmer / Ace ElectricMaster Electrician2017
Charles Lake / DRMaster Mechanical2018
Charles M. NewshamMaster Electrician2019
Charles McCarthyMaster Electrician2019
Charles MoodyMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Charles PhillipsMaster Electrician2019
Charles Prior / Electri-techJourneyman Electrician2017
Charles Smelter / McElroysMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Charles Smelter / McElroysMaster Mechanical2018
Chase Arroyn / Southwestern Electrical Co. IncJourneyman Electrician2017
Cheney Construction IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Chris Adams / D&I Plumbing Heating & AirMaster Mechanical2018
Chris Adams / D&I Plumbing Heating & AirMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Chris Bieber / The Waldinger CorporationMaster Mechanical2018
Chris Coffman / Elliott Electrical IncMaster Electrician2019
Chris Krause / Standard PkumbingMaster Mechanical2018
Christian Dodge / ECI Systems, IncMaster Electrician2019
Christopher AultJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Christopher Bammes / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
Christopher Bammes / Central Mechanical Construction Master Mechanical2018
Christopher Bunnell / Wildcat Services of ManhattanGeneral Contractor B2019
Christopher Hagelin / CRH Electric IncMaster Electrician2019
Christopher Highfill / Frederick Plumbing Heating and AirMaster Mechanical2018
Christopher Hybarger, Sr. / Alternative AirMaster Electrician2019
Christopher McManigal / CCE Service IncMaster Electrician2019
Christopher Ricci / DeHart PlumbingMaster Plumber2018
Christopher Ross / Custom PlumbingMaster Mechanical2018
Christopher Ross / Custom PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Christopher Smith Journeyman Electrician2019
Chuck Hogan / CWC ElectricMaster Electrician2017
City of Manhattan Public Works Dept.General Contractor A2017
CJ RadonPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
CK Contracting LLCPlumbing Contractor2018
Clayton Frakes / DR PlumbingMaster Plumber2018
Clayton Haskett / Heineken ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Clayton Ingham / Harrison Electric - Claflin KSJourneyman Electrician2019
Clifford Bammes / Mid American Water & PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Climate ControlPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Clint Goodson / Miller ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
CMS Mechanical Services, LLCMechanical Contractor2018
Coal Creek Construction Co General Contractor B2019
Coast To Coast Builders Inc.General Contractor A2017
Coffelt Sign Company, IncSign Contractor2019
Coleman ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Coleman Electric LLCElectrical Contractor2019
Colin N. Foos / HeinekenJourneyman Electrician2019
Colp Brothers ConstructionGeneral Contractor B2019
Commerce Construction Services IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Commercial Contractors IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Commercial Mechanical IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Complete Property Solutions CorpGeneral Contractor A2017
Compton Construction Services, LLCGeneral Contractor A2019
Condrey ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Confederated Builders IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Construction, Inc / David KarnowskiGeneral Contractor B2019
Continental Siding SupplyGeneral Contractor A2019
Coonrod & AssociatesGeneral Contractor A2019
Corey Tegethoff / HeinekenJourneyman Electrician2019
Coty Friess / Friess Heating and ACMaster Mechanical2018
Country Aire Services Inc Mechanical Contractor2018
Covington HomeCraftersGeneral Contractor A2019
Cox Homebuilders, Inc.General Contractor A2019
Craggs RemodelingGeneral Contractor A2019
Craig Harper / Bobs PlumbingJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Craig Meyer / M&M Services IncJourneyman Electrician2019
Craig Pontious / Barneys ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Craig Royse Master Plumber2018
Crane Construction CompanyGeneral Contractor A2019
Creed Construction Inc General Contractor A2019
Crew 2, IncGeneral Contractor A2019
CRH Electric IncElectrical Contractor2019
Cromwell ConstructionGeneral Contractor C2017
Crossland Construction Co IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Current Electrical CompanyElectrical Contractor2019
Custom Care Builders of Kansas, Inc.General Contractor A2019
Custom Neon & Vinyl Graphics IncSign Contractor2019
Custom Plumbing, Heating, A/C & RefrigerationPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Cutshall Construction LLCGeneral Contractor B2017
CWC ElectricElectrical Contractor2017
D&G Builders, Inc.General Contractor A2019
D&I Plumbing Heating & AirPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
D&I Repair, Inc.General Contractor A2019
D&R Construction, Inc. General Contractor A2019
Dalen Meier / Interstates Construction CompanyJourneyman Electrician2019
Damon Perdue / Frontier Mechanical LCMaster Plumber2018
Dan Barr % Roberts ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Dan Rakowitz / DR PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Daniel Aubert Journeyman Electrician2019
Daniel Cooper / Current Electric CoMaster Electrician2019
Daniel Kraus / Westar EnergyMaster Electrician2019
Daniel Krohn / Valburg ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Daniel Miller / Central Mechanical ServMaster Mechanical2018
Daniel Mruk / Southwestern Electrical Co, IncJourneyman Electrician2017
Daniel PfizenmaierGeneral Contractor A2019
Danny Fann / Faith Technologies, IncMaster Electrician2019
Danny Payne / Dannys Heating & CoolingMaster Mechanical2018
Dannys Heating & ACMechanical Contractor2018
Darin K Stous / Friess Heating and ACJourneyman Mechanical2018
Darrah ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Darrell White / Economy ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Darren Loader / Carlson Heating & AirJourneyman Mechanical2018
Darren Loader / Carlson Heating & AirMaster Mechanical2018
Darren Norsworthy / Rothwell Landscape IncIrrigation License2018
Darrin Volkman / KVK IncJourneyman Mechanical2018
Daryl Akins / Akins Plumbing and Mechanical LLCMaster Plumber with Gas2018
David A Perry / Perry Electrical SystemsMaster Electrician2019
David Bowlin / A&H Electric IncMaster Electrician2019
David Cook / Country Aire Services IncMaster Mechanical2018
David Dickerson / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
David E Fritz Journeyman Electrician2019
David E WatsonJourneyman Electrician2019
David Grzech / CMS Mechanical Services, LLCMaster Mechanical2018
David Henderson / Central Mechanical ConstructionMaster Mechanical2018
David HibbsJourneyman Electrician2019
David M Innes / Central Mechanical constructionJourneyman Sheetmetal2018
David Norris / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
David Nowakowski / Standard PlumbingJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
David R Towers / Central Mechanical ConstructionMaster Mechanical2018
David RaybernMaster Electrician2019
David Raybern Journeyman Electrician2019
David Schrock / CK Contracting LLCJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
David T. Nowakowski / Standard PlumbingJourneyman Mechanical2018
David Tiner / Elliott Electrical IncJourneyman Electrician2019
David Valburg / Valburg ElectricMaster Electrician2019
David WatsonMaster Plumber with Gas2018
David Weisbender / CE Plumbing Heating & ACMaster Plumber with Gas2018
David Weisbender / CE Plumbing Heating & ACMaster Mechanical2018
David Wichman / Wichman Electrical LLC Master Electrician2019
David Yoder/Apple ElectricJourneyman Electrician2017
Davin Electric, IncElectrical Contractor2019
Davin, Randel / Davin ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Davis Michael SJourneyman Mechanical2018
Davis, Charles / Area Wide ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Dean Elsen / Central Mechanical ConstrJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Dean Lackey / Midwest Electrical Construction IncMaster Electrician2019
Decker ElectricElectrical Contractor2017
Decor SolutionsGeneral Contractor A2017
Deep Roots Landscape ManagementIrrigation Contractor2018
DeHart Plumbing Plumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Dennis Cox / Sarges ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Dennis Hemmert / Hemmert Electric CoMaster Electrician2019
Dennis Nelson / 2 Wire ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Dennis R Egan ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Design Team Sign CompanySign Contractor2019
Devin R McGhee / ECIJourneyman Electrician2019
Dirk Cott ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Disipio PlumbingPlumbing Contractor2018
Dixon Contracting Services LLCGeneral Contractor A2017
Dixon Home RefinisingGeneral Contractor C2017
DJ Carpenter Building Systems IncGeneral Contractor A2017
DL Smith ElectricalElectrical Contractor2019
Donald Cherry / Velex IncMaster Electrician2019
Donald G Gigous / Greenwave Electric IncMaster Electrician2019
Donald JohnsonJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Donato Islas / The Islas FamMaster Mechanical2018
Doug DemonbrunGeneral Contractor A2019
Douglas Kirkland / Commercial Mechanical IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Douglas Kirkland / Commercial Mechanical IncMaster Mechanical2018
Douglas KraemerMaster Mechanical2018
Douglas Parry / Wildcat Construction Co., IncMaster Drainlayer2018
Douglas Stine / Stine-Nichols Plumbing IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
DR Plumbing / Dan RakowitzPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
DRCL ElectricElectrical Contractor2017
Drippe Construction General Contractor C2019
DT ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
DT Electric LLCElectrical Contractor2019
Duane DeVriesMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Dudley Caleb TorreyJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Duell Construction / Ben DuellGeneral Contractor A2019
Duerfs Inc General Contractor A2019
Dugan, Rodney / Economy ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Dultmeier Homes CompanyGeneral Contractor B2019
Dustin Carter / Mid American Water & PlumbingMaster Mechanical2018
Dustin Carter / Mid-American Water and PlumbingJourneyman Mechanical2018
Dustin Carter / Mid-American Water and PlumbingJourneyman Plumber2018
Dustin Casto / M&M Services IncJourneyman Electrician2019
Dustin Holle / Affordable ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Dustin Monroe / Alternative AirMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Dustin PriceJourneyman Mechanical2018
Dustin Taylor / DT Electric LLCMaster Electrician2019
ECI Systems, IncElectrical Contractor2019
ECI Systems, IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Economy Carpentry And PaintingGeneral Contractor A2019
Economy Electric Electrical Contractor2019
Eddy S Neuberger / Key Master Mechanical2018
Edgar MartinezMaster Electrician2019
Eldecon, IncElectrical Contractor2019
Elder Jones General ContractorGeneral Contractor A2019
Electri-TechElectrical Contractor2017
Elite Concrete LLCGeneral Contractor A2019
Elite Maintenance & Construction LLCGeneral Contractor C2019
Elite USA Construction LLCGeneral Contractor B2017
Elliott Electrical IncElectrical Contractor2019
Elliott, MichaelJourneyman Mechanical2018
Emme ConstructionGeneral Contractor B2019
Empire Underground Utilities and Construction / Kenneth NeilsonDrainlaying Contractor2018
Energy CenterGeneral Contractor A2019
Engineered Designs, LLCElectrical Contractor2017
Eric ArtzerMaster Mechanical2018
Eric E Plummer / Flint Hills Plumbing Heating & ACMaster Mechanical2018
Eric Jager / Thermal Comfort AirJourneyman Mechanical2018
Eric Jindra / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Eric Mueller Master Electrician2019
Eric Plummer / Flint Hills Plumbing Heating & AC Master Plumber with Gas2018
Erik Eyestone / M&S Heating & AirJourneyman Mechanical2018
Erik Parker / Glassman Journeyman Plumber with Gas2018
Ernest L Cooper / Heart of America Service Company LLCMaster Mechanical2018
Estes, MichaelMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Ethan Hemmert / Hemmert ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Eucalyptus Electrical - Richard Laird ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Eucalyptus Real Estate / Robert ScottPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Eugene SchererJourneyman Electrician2019
Even Temp LLCMechanical Contractor2018
Everett AdkinsGeneral Contractor B2019
Excel Lighting LLCSign Contractor2017
Fagan Plumbing Solutions LLCPlumbing Contractor2018
Fahnestock Heating & AC, Inc.Mechanical Contractor2018
Faith Technologies, IncElectrical Contractor2019
Fatboy Electric IncElectrical Contractor2019
Fatboy Electric, IncElectrical Contractor20011
Fields, Mike / Mikes PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Fink ElectricalElectrical Contractor2019
First Management, IncPlumbing Contractor2018
First Management, Inc.General Contractor A2019
Fischer C.M. General Contractor A2019
Flicks Heating and Cooling Mechanical Contractor2018
Flint Hill Homes, IncGeneral Contractor C2019
Flint Hills Design CoGeneral Contractor A2017
Flint Hills Home Inspection LLCGeneral Contractor B2019
Flint Hills Mechanical Inc / Luke DumlerMechanical Contractor2018
Flint Hills Plumbing Heating & ACPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Flint Rock Electric,LLCElectrical Contractor2019
Fortress, Inc.General Contractor A2019
Four Seasons of Topeka, Inc / Earl RiceGeneral Contractor A2019
Fox Home Innovations LLcGeneral Contractor C2019
Frank A Lignitz ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Frank Avila / Manhattan Area Vo TechMaster Mechanical2018
Frank Rhodes Master Electrician2019
Frank Rhodes Electric Electrical Contractor2019
Frazee Development LLCGeneral Contractor C2019
Fred Butler / Aqua Flow Plumbing LLCMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Frederick Plumbing Heating & AirMechanical Contractor2018
Freestyle Sign Co., IncSign Contractor2017
Friess Heating and ACMechanical Contractor2018
Fritzson, OrlinGeneral Contractor A2019
Frontier Construction / Nathan HollomanGeneral Contractor B2019
Frontier Mechanical LCPlumbing Contractor2018
Full Bright Maintenance IncSign Contractor2017
Fultz, RichardJourneyman Electrician2019
Funk Electric Inc. Electrical Contractor2017
G.E. Johnson Construction CompanyGeneral Contractor A2019
Gallagher ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Garett Walker H&L ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Garry Gharst / Schendel Lawn & LandscapeIrrigation License2018
Gary A PryorGeneral Contractor A2019
Gary BenningtonPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Gary RabeMaster Electrician2019
Gary Schleicher/Apple ElectricMaster Electrician2017
Gary Smith / McElroys ElecMaster Electrician2017
Gary Stephens ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Gavin Hampton / Deep Roots Landscape ManagementIrrigation License2018
Geisler Electric LLCElectrical Contractor2019
Genesis Plumbing / Josh ColpPlumbing Contractor2018
George Bryan / Golden MechanicalMaster Mechanical2018
Gerald M Hansen / McElroys ElecMaster Electrician2019
Gerard J Celeste / Celeste Installations & Repair LLCMaster Electrician2019
Gifford Electric / Edward GiffordElectrical Contractor2019
Gifford, EdwardMaster Electrician2019
Gleason & Son Signs, Inc.Sign Contractor2019
Glenn A Caricato / Tiptop Plumbing IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Glenn C Kipp / Absolute AirMaster Mechanical2018
Goff Enterprises / Travis Goff Electrical Contractor2019
Goff, TravisMaster Electrician2019
Golden MechanicalMechanical Contractor2018
Good Energy SolutionsElectrical Contractor2017
Good Ol Boys Construction Inc.General Contractor A2017
Grant KnoettgenMaster Electrician2019
Grant Steinbach / First Management IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Grant, Kenneth AJourneyman Electrician2017
Gray ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2017
Greenwave Electric IncElectrical Contractor2019
Greeve Construction General Contractor A2019
Greg Carrick / Carrick Electric Master Electrician2019
Greg Gilbert / Advanced ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Greg Wohler / Thermal Comfort AirJourneyman Mechanical2018
Gregg LindemanMaster Electrician2019
Gregory A Carrick Jr / Carrick Electric Journeyman Electrician2019
Gregory J Douglas / Central Mechanical ServicesMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Gregory MarlarJourneyman Mechanical2018
Gregory Mealy / Metro Air ConditioningMaster Mechanical2018
Gregory Wege (Wege Construction)General Contractor A2019
Gregory ZabokrtskyJourneyman Mechanical2018
Grosnick PlumbingPlumbing Contractor2018
Grosnick, Marc / Grosnick PlumbingMaster Plumber2018
Ground Source IncMechanical Contractor2018
Ground Zero Shelters Company IncGeneral Contractor C2017
Guardia Electric LlcElectrical Contractor2019
H&H ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2017
H&H Contracting IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
H&L Electric , LLCElectrical Contractor2019
Hageman Construction Co.General Contractor A2019
Hague, Douglas / Shelley Electric IncMaster Electrician2017
Halo Enterprises Inc / Hal NewmanElectrical Contractor2019
Hartenbower Construction IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Hartford CarpentryGeneral Contractor B2019
Hartman Masonry LCSign Contractor2019
Hartoebben ElectricElectrical Contractor2017
Hastco IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Haug InvestmentsGeneral Contractor A2019
Hawk ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Hayden Tower Service, Inc.General Contractor A2019
HB ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
HD Service CompanyMechanical Contractor2018
Heart of America Service Company LLCMechanical Contractor2018
Heartland Electric, IncElectrical Contractor2019
Heineken Electric Co, IncElectrical Contractor2019
Hemmert Electric Co Electrical Contractor2019
Hensley ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Henton Plumbing & AC, Inc.Plumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Heptig, EdwardJourneyman Gasfitter2018
Heptig, EdwardJourneyman Mechanical2018
Heptig, Pat / Mid-AmericanMaster Gasfitter2018
Heptig, Pat / Mid-AmericanMaster Mechanical2018
Heptig, Pat / Mid-AmericanJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Heritage Builders Inc / Ronald DeChantGeneral Contractor A2019
Hi-Tech Interiors IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Hickman, Phillip A /Larson Const.Journeyman Drainlayer2018
Hodges, RodneyJourneyman Electrician2019
Home Depot USA, IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Honey Do Handyman-Craig CelmerGeneral Contractor A2019
Hood Electrical IncElectrical Contractor2019
Hood Heating & Air IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Horizon Retail ConstructionGeneral Contractor B2019
Howell Radon IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Howies RecycleGeneral Contractor A2019
Hudson Backhoe ServiceDrainlaying Contractor2018
Hugh Renyer / HD Service CompanyMaster Mechanical2018
Hutton ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Hy-Vee ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
“I Build Decks”General Contractor A2019
IES Commercial IncElectrical Contractor2019
Infinity Sign SystemsSign Contractor2017
Ingalsbe, MikeMaster Plumber2018
Ismael DeLeon / LevelOps IncElectrical Contractor2017
J Dot, Inc. dba Blue Dot ServicesPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
J Scott Kelley / Electri-TechMaster Electrician2017
J-Can Company Plumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
J.E. Foster Building CompanyGeneral Contractor A2019
J.S. ContractingGeneral Contractor A2019
J&A Electric, IncElectrical Contractor2019
J&G PlumbingPlumbing Contractor2018
Jack R FunkhouserMaster Mechanical2018
James CoxJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
James D Murray/central mechanical servicesJourneyman Sheetmetal2018
James Filbert / Westhues Electric IncJourneyman Electrician2017
James Gathen / P1 Group, IncMaster Mechanical2018
James Gathen / P1 Group, IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
James M. DawsonMaster Electrician2019
James MayginnesMaster Electrician2017
James Murphy / Murphy ElectricMaster Electrician2019
James ProckishJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
James StadlerMaster Electrician2019
James T ChaputJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
James White / Standard PlumbingJourneyman Mechanical2018
Jamey T. SellersMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Jankord ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Jared MillsJourneyman Mechanical2018
Jarrod HollenbeckMaster Mechanical2018
Jarrod Kirby / Henton Plumbing & AC IncMaster Mechanical2018
Jarrod L. WynnJourneyman Mechanical2018
Jason Blattner / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Jason Brummett / Brummett ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Jason Cederberg / Climate ControlMaster Mechanical2018
Jason Ham / Barts Electric Co IncMaster Electrician2019
Jason J Salas / Alternative AirJourneyman Mechanical2018
Jason KnollMaster Mechanical2018
Jason M KnollJourneyman Mechanical2018
Jason P Patterson Journeyman Electrician2017
Jason Pelkey / JP Service Heating & Air Conditioning, LLCMaster Mechanical2018
Jason Thetford / Coleman ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Jason W Lambert / United Heating & CoolingJourneyman Mechanical2018
Jason W SchutterJourneyman Electrician2019
Jay Steinebach / HD Service CoMaster Mechanical2018
JC Builders IncGeneral Contractor A2017
JE Dunn Construction CoGeneral Contractor A2019
Jeff Hewins / H&H ContractingMaster Mechanical2018
Jeff Hutton / Quality Electric of Douglas County, IncMaster Electrician2017
Jeff Kramer / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
Jeff Kretchmar / Rays Electric IncMaster Electrician2019
Jeff Sherman / US Engineering CompanyMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Jeffrey Cannizzo / J-Can CompanyMaster Mechanical2018
Jeffrey Cannizzo / J-Can CompanyMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Jeffrey Kellogg / Faith TechnologiesMaster Electrician2019
Jeffrey P Gaynor / Power and Control Installations IncMaster Electrician2019
Jennings Electric Electrical Contractor2019
Jerald Fagan / Fagan Plumbing Solutions LLCMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Jeremy Kellogg / Smith Plumbing Journeyman Plumber with Gas2018
Jeremy Kruse / Central Mechanical Journeyman Plumber with Gas2018
Jeremy Parker / Von Elling ElectricalMaster Electrician2019
Jeremy Sims / Torgeson ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Jeremy Sweet / Carlson Heating & AirJourneyman Mechanical2018
Jerrod Warren / US EngineeringJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Jerrod Wasson / Even Temp LLCMechanical Contractor2018
Jerry Callabresi Master Mechanical2018
Jerry Haffener ContractingGeneral Contractor A2019
Jerry Hughston / Central Mechanical ServMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Jerry Lambert / United Heating & CoolingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Jerry Lambert / United Heating & Cooling IncMaster Mechanical2018
Jerry Osborne / Engineered Designs LLCMaster Electrician2019
Jerry StallbaumerGeneral Contractor A2019
Jess R. Torrey / US EngineeringJourneyman Mechanical2018
Jesse Turner / Electrical ConceptsJourneyman Electrician2017
Jesus Barajas, Jr / McElroysJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Jim Dodson / Three Trails Heating & Cooling, LLCMaster Mechanical2018
JLC Companies, LLCGeneral Contractor B2019
Joe Geisler / Geisler Electric LLCMaster Electrician2019
Joe LeBlanc / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
Joe Lister / Alternative AirMaster Mechanical2018
Joe Lister / Alternative AirMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Joe Little General Contractor Inc.General Contractor A2019
Joe Montoya / US EngineersMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Joe Montoya / US EngineersJourneyman Mechanical2018
Joel Force / CJ RadonMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Joel Force / CJ RadonMaster Mechanical2018
Joel Viator / M&B PlumbingJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Joey Selbach / Samco, IncMaster Mechanical2018
Joey Selbach / Samco, IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
John Briscoe / Briscoe Air and HeatingMaster Mechanical2018
John D Friess / Friess Heating and ACMaster Mechanical2018
John Gieber / East Kansas Plumbing & HeatingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
John Gieber / East Kansas Plumbing & Heating Master Mechanical2018
John Henton / Meyer ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
John Hood / Hood Heating & Air Inc Master Mechanical2018
John LonkerMaster Plumber2018
John Lonker Master Mechanical2018
John Lowry / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
John P O’Malley Master Plumber with Gas2018
John R. Hugunin, Jr.Journeyman Electrician2017
John Schafer III / McElroys ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
John Shortsleeves / Standard PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
John Shortsleeves / Standard PlumbingMaster Mechanical2018
John T HillMaster Electrician2019
John Tann / Tann ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Johnny D Whearty Master Mechanical2018
Johnny LaizureJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Jon Kill / Top Master IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Jonas Levin / ECI SystemsJourneyman Electrician2019
Jonathan Willems / Good Energy SolutionsMaster Electrician2017
Joseph A RippertJourneyman Electrician2019
Joseph Baumgartner / Precision ElectricalJourneyman Electrician2019
Joseph DickinsonMaster Mechanical2018
Joseph Lamas / US EngineeringJourneyman Mechanical2018
Joseph Sullivan / Climate ControlMaster Mechanical2018
Joseph Sullivan / Climate Control Master Plumber with Gas2018
Josh Colp / Genesis PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Josh Connet / Josh Connet ExcavationMaster Drainlayer2018
Josh Connet ExcavationDrainlaying Contractor2018
Josh Koch / J&A Electric, IncMaster Electrician2019
Josh Mayer / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
Josh Mayer / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Josh RathbunGeneral Contractor A2017
Joshua Breault / City of Manhattan Master Electrician2017
Joshua HowellJourneyman Electrician2017
Joshua M Beam / Midwest ElectricalJourneyman Electrician2017
Joshua Mapes / Coleman ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
JP EnterprisesGeneral Contractor A2017
JP Service Heating & Air Conditioning, LLCMechanical Contractor2018
JR&Sons General Contracting, IncGeneral Contractor B2019
JS Sign Sign Contractor2019
Justin Barnett / Heartland ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Justin BeemanJourneyman Electrician2019
Justin Elder / McElroysJourneyman Mechanical2018
Justin Jenkins / Faith Technologies, IncMaster Electrician2019
Justin RossJourneyman Mechanical2018
Justin Schlegel / Central Mechanical Construction Journeyman Mechanical2018
Justin Vieux / Thermal Comfort AirMaster Mechanical2018
K-Construction Inc.General Contractor A2019
Kaleb Tremblay / Advanced Electric LLCJourneyman Electrician2019
Kansas City Master CompaniesGeneral Contractor B2019
Kansas Home Developement LLCGeneral Contractor B2017
Karl Cooper / H&HMaster Mechanical2018
Katalyst Sign and GrafixSign Contractor2019
KBS Constructors, Inc.General Contractor A2019
KC Electrical Contractors Electrical Contractor2019
KC Sign ExpressSign Contractor2019
Kearney & Sons Construction, IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Kelley Construction Co IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Ken A Almquist / Central Mechanical Construction Master Mechanical2018
Kenneth A Hartoebben / Hartoebben ElectricMaster Electrician2017
Kenneth Neilson / Empire Underground Utilities and Construction Master Drainlayer2018
Kenneth R Bammes / Bammes ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Kenneth Rose / Roberts ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Kenneth Smith / NexRev, LLCMaster Electrician2019
Kenny Luyo, Sr / GeislerJourneyman Electrician2019
Kent C TaylorMaster Mechanical2018
Kent David Rilett / Retro Tech SystemsMaster Electrician2019
Kent Hageman / CK Contracting LLCMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Kent Kruse / Kruse PlumbingMaster Mechanical2018
Kent Kruse / Kruse PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Kerry Jennings / Jennings ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Kevin Booker Master Electrician2019
Kevin E BammesMaster Mechanical2018
Kevin Graves / BBH LLC DBA Cooks Heating & CoolingMaster Mechanical2018
Kevin Griffin / Lutz Plumbing, IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Kevin Helms / Central Mechanical CoMaster Mechanical2019
Kevin O’Connor / US EngineeringMaster Mechanical2018
Kevin O’Connor / US EngineeringJourneyman Plumber2018
Kevin SnyderMaster Electrician2019
Kevin Turner / Westhues Electric IncMaster Electrician2017
KeyMechanical Contractor2018
Key ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Kirby Hawkins / J&G PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Kirby, Steve / Henton Plumbing & AC IncJourneyman Gasfitter2018
Kirby, Steve / Henton Plumbing & AC IncJourneyman Plumber2018
Kirby, Steve / Henton Plumbing & AC IncMaster Mechanical2018
Knoebel Construction IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Knox Signs & GraphicsSign Contractor2019
Koster Construction IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Kraus and Son Construction, IncGeneral Contractor B2017
Kraus Anderson Construction CoGeneral Contractor A2017
Kruse Corporation Plumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Kurt Pyle / Flint Rock Electric,LLCMaster Electrician2019
Kurtis Shaw / Marick Wichta, LLCJourneyman Mechanical2018
Kustom Concepts Enterprises Inc.General Contractor A2017
KVK, IncMechanical Contractor2018
Kyle FunkMaster Electrician2017
Kyle G Ferlemann / Piping Contractors of KansasMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Kyle Heineken / Heineken Electric, IncMaster Electrician2019
Kyle Shannon / DL SmithJourneyman Electrician2019
Kyle Smith / EucalyptusJourneyman Mechanical2018
L&L TrenchingDrainlaying Contractor2018
LaMacchia Group LLCGeneral Contractor B2017
LamunyonPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Lamunyon RestorationGeneral Contractor A2019
Lance Dirk / Torgeson Electric Co., IncMaster Electrician2019
Lance SherbertJourneyman Mechanical2018
Landmark Homes General Contractor A2019
Lantz Forsythe / Marick Wichita, LLCMaster Mechanical2018
Larry Hudson / Hudson Backhoe ServMaster Drainlayer2018
Larry Pearson / Faith Technologies, IncJourneyman Electrician2019
Larson ConstructionDrainlaying Contractor2018
Larson, Nyle / Larson Const.Master Drainlayer2018
Lawrence DeHart / DeHart PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Lee Jr, Robert / Lee PlumbingMaster Mechanical2018
Lee Jr, Robert / Lee PlumbingMaster Plumber2018
Lee Jr, Robert / Lee Plumbing Master Gasfitter2018
Lee Plumbing & HeatingPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Leisure Living, LLCGeneral Contractor C2017
Leroy GoehringJourneyman Electrician2019
Leslie Wicksey / Fatboy Electric IncJourneyman Electrician2017
LevelOps IncElectrical Contractor2017
Lin R Rogers / Electrical Contractors IncMaster Electrician2019
Lin R Rogers Electrical Contractors IncElectrical Contractor2019
Lindsey Construction CompanyGeneral Contractor A2019
LJ BuildersGeneral Contractor A2019
Lloyd Packard / Torgeson ElectricJourneyman Electrician2017
Logan HamelJourneyman Electrician2017
Lon Swift ConstructionGeneral Contractor C2019
Louis Schreier / AMF Electrical Contractors, IncMaster Electrician2019
Lovgren, Jim / Midstate MechanicalJourneyman Gasfitter2018
Lovgren, Jim / Midstate MechanicalJourneyman Mechanical2018
Lovgren, Jim / Midstate MechanicalJourneyman Plumber2018
Lovgren, Kurtis / Midstate MechanicalMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Loyd Redus / Faith Technologies, IncJourneyman Electrician2019
Lucas Bulleigh / Electrical ConceptsJourneyman Electrician2017
Lucas J Hood / Hood Htg & AirMaster Mechanical2018
Lucas J. Hood / Hood Htg & Air / ElecMaster Electrician2019
Lucas Sloan / P1 GroupMaster Mechanical2018
Luke Dumler / Flint Hills Mechanical IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Luke Dumler / Flint Hills Mechanical IncMaster Mechanical2018
Luke Sloan / P1 GroupJourneyman Mechanical2018
Luke’s LLCMechanical Contractor2018
Luminous Neon Sign Contractor2019
Luther Pennell / RWA ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Lutz Plumbing, IncPlumbing Contractor2018
M&B PlumbingPlumbing Contractor2018
M&M Services IncElectrical Contractor2019
M&R Plumbing IncPlumbing Contractor2018
M&S Plumbing, Heating & A/C IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Manhattan Area Technical College Mechanical Contractor2018
Manhattan Medical CenterGeneral Contractor A2019
Manhattan MonumentsSign Contractor2017
MAPP LLCGeneral Contractor A2019
Mar Lan Construction LLCGeneral Contractor B2019
Marick Wichita, LLCMechanical Contractor2018
Mark Boling Construction Inc.General Contractor C2019
Mark Bylkas / Treehouse ServicesMaster Mechanical2018
Mark E Fink / Fink ElectricalMaster Electrician2019
Mark FarrMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Mark FarrMaster Mechanical2018
Mark KoerperichJourneyman Plumber2018
Marker ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Martin BoucherJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Martin Henneberg / Torgeson ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Martin Tompkins / DeHart Plumbing Master Mechanical2018
Martin, LarryMaster Mechanical2018
Marvin Loecker / P1 Group, Inc.Master Electrician2019
Mary E Smith / Alternative AirMaster Electrician2019
Mathew CooperJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Mathew Romme / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
Matt Gillaspie / Bammes ElectricJourneyman Electrician2017
Matt Hildreth / The Waldinger CorporationMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Matt McCroy / McCrory Electric Master Electrician2017
Matt Rankin / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
Matt Schadegg Master Electrician2019
Matt SkuciusJourneyman Electrician2019
Matt Strickler / M&M ServicesJourneyman Electrician2017
Matt SwansonJourneyman Mechanical2018
Matt Thompson / Advanced Electric LLCMaster Electrician2019
Matt Torgeson / Torgeson Electric Co, Inc.Master Electrician2017
Matthew A Kuhlman / Standard PlumbingJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Matthew D Becker / Powercat ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Matthew DavisMaster Mechanical2018
Matthew Moser Journeyman Electrician2019
Matthew Paul EngelbertJourneyman Electrician2019
Matthew Schwab Master Electrician2017
Matthew Wright / Heineken ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Matthew York / ECI Systems, IncJourneyman Electrician2019
Max Murphy / Blue Max Plumbing IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Max Murphy / Blue Max Plumbing IncMaster Mechanical2018
Maximum Construction / Paul Sandal General Contractor A2017
May BuildersGeneral Contractor A2017
McCaleb Electric CoElectrical Contractor2019
McCaleb, DarrelMaster Electrician2019
McCallister, MickJourneyman Plumber2018
McCown Gordon ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
McCrory Electric Electrical Contractor2017
McCullough Development IncGeneral Contractor A2019
McElroys ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
McElroys IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
McGilton Construction Co IncGeneral Contractor A2019
McKees IncGeneral Contractor A2019
McLean ElectricElectrical Contractor2017
McNally Charles EJourneyman Electrician2019
McPherson Contractors, Inc.General Contractor A2019
MD DevelopmentGeneral Contractor A2019
Mel Borst / Borst Restoration Master Plumber with Gas2018
Metro Air Conditioning CoMechanical Contractor2018
Meyer Brothers Building CompanyGeneral Contractor A2019
Meyer Electric / Jeremy MeyerElectrical Contractor2019
Meyer, JeremyMaster Electrician2019
Michael Arvidson / Carrick ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Michael Boeckman / BK ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Michael DisipioMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Michael EstesMaster Mechanical2018
Michael Fox / Faith TechnologiesMaster Electrician2019
Michael Hamer / HD Service CoJourneyman Mechanical2018
Michael Hill Development / Triple H ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Michael J Becker ConstructionGeneral Contractor B2019
Michael Reeves / CE Plumbing Heating & ACJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Michael Thibodeau / Midwest Electrical ConstructionJourneyman Electrician2019
Mid-American Water & Plumbing IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Mid-Central Contract Services IncGeneral Contractor A2017
Midland Wrecking IncGeneral Contractor A2017
Midstate Mechanical IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Midtown ServicesMechanical Contractor2018
Midwest Custom Pools, LLCGeneral Contractor C2019
Midwest Electrical Construction IncElectrical Contractor2019
Midwest Plumbing Heating and Air Plumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Midwest Sign CompanySign Contractor2018
Mike Bloomer / TorgesonJourneyman Electrician2017
Mike Boman / Bowman ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Mike Krause / Prairie StoneIrrigation License2018
Mike Lange / Golden MechanicalJourneyman Mechanical2018
Mike Martin / Capital ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Mike Mongold / Friess Heating and ACJourneyman Mechanical2018
Mikes PlumbingPlumbing Contractor2018
Miller Electric IncElectrical Contractor2019
Miracle SignsSign Contractor2019
Mitch T Barnard / M&B PlumbingMaster Plumber2018
Mitch Webster Journeyman Electrician2019
MODGeneral Contractor B2019
MOD Sign CompanySign Contractor2017
Mohan Construction IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Moody, SteveMaster Plumber2018
Mortenson ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Morton Buildings IncGeneral Contractor B2019
MRJ RemodelingGeneral Contractor A2019
Mueller Electric, LLCElectrical Contractor2019
Murphy ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
MW Builders Inc.General Contractor A2019
Nabholz Construction CorporationGeneral Contractor A2019
Nabholz Construction ServicesElectrical Contractor2017
Nathaniel SevignyMaster Electrician2019
Nations Quality Homes LLCGeneral Contractor C2017
Nechita Carpentry IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Nesper Sign AdvertisingSign Contractor2019
Nevola, Jim / Central Mechanical ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
New Castle HomesGeneral Contractor A2017
New Horizon Homes, LCCGeneral Contractor A2017
Newman, Harold / Halo Enterprises IncMaster Electrician2019
NexRev, LLCElectrical Contractor2019
Nicholas McCart / Blue DotMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Nicholas Riffel / Central MechanicalJourneyman Mechanical2018
Nichols, Marc / Supreme ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Nick Zack CarpentryGeneral Contractor A2019
Northstar Construction Services LLCGeneral Contractor A2019
O’Malley, John E.Master Plumber with Gas2018
Oetinger-Lloyd Construction, Inc.General Contractor B2019
Oldcastle Precast IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Olson Jr, Victor / V&V ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Olson Rentals / V&V ElectricGeneral Contractor A2019
On The LevelGeneral Contractor B2019
Osborne, Vernon / H&L Electric, LLCJourneyman Electrician2019
Osbourn, Charles / C&K ConstructionMaster Plumber2018
Osbourn, Charles / C&K ConstructionMaster Mechanical2018
Overland Contracting IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Owens RemodelingGeneral Contractor A2019
OzCo Construstion Co., Inc/James OsborneGeneral Contractor A2017
P1 Group, Inc. Electrical Contractor2019
P1 Group, Inc. Plumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Pac-Van IncGeneral Contractor B2017
Paph, Michael AJourneyman Plumber2018
Paradise Pool and Supplies IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Patrick A Watts / PrairieStone, IncIrrigation License2018
Patrick Eastman / Ultimate GroupJourneyman Electrician2019
Patrick LuthiMaster Electrician2019
Patrick Murphy / McElroysJourneyman Electrician2019
Patrick Schuck / Central Mechanical ConstructionMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Patrick Shane Phillips / Phillips Southern Electric Co, IncMaster Electrician2019
Paul Goscha / Mid America Water & PlumbingMaster Mechanical2018
Paul Haunschild / Eldecon, IncMaster Electrician2019
Paul McAnerney / Kruse CorporationMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Paul T Nunemaker / DRCL ElectricMaster Electrician2017
Paul T Odell / PK Mechanical IncMaster Mechanical2018
Paul T Odell / PK Mechanical IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
PDQ Tower Services IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Perfection Builders LLCGeneral Contractor B2019
Perfection Builders LLCSign Contractor2017
Perry Electrical Systems / David PerryElectrical Contractor2019
Peterson, Bernard / Hawk ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Pfaff, Matt / V&V ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Philanco Properties General Contractor C2019
Philip A Hewins / H&H ContractingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Philip Hewins / H&H ContractingJourneyman Mechanical2018
Philip M Salsbury / McElroysJourneyman Mechanical2018
Philip Messer / Friess Heating and ACJourneyman Mechanical2018
Philip Thompson / Kruse CorpJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Phillip Leach / Elliott Electrical IncJourneyman Electrician2017
Phillip SmithJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Phillip VeringGeneral Contractor A2019
Phillips Southern Electric Co, IncElectrical Contractor2019
Phillips, Ron E.Master Plumber with Gas2018
Phoenix Renovation and Restoration, Inc dba Phoenix of the Flint HillsGeneral Contractor C2019
Pin High Development IncGeneral Contractor C2019
Piping Contractors of Kansas IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
PK Mechanical IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
PKC Construction CoGeneral Contractor A2017
Platinum Contracting, LLCGeneral Contractor A2017
Plumbing Technicians Inc / Richard SchmidtPlumbing Contractor2018
Pools PlusGeneral Contractor B2019
Porter ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Powell, Michael Journeyman Mechanical2018
Powell, Michael Master Plumber with Gas2018
Powell, Patrick Journeyman Mechanical2018
Power and Control Installations IncElectrical Contractor2019
Power Cat Homes, LLCGeneral Contractor B2017
Powercat ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
PrairieStone, IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Precision Air ( MPB Contracting )General Contractor A2019
Precision Electrical ContractorsElectrical Contractor2019
Prestige Contracting, Inc dba Space Age Construction General Contractor A2017
Preston Cannizzo / J-Can CompanyMaster Mechanical2018
Preston Moore / Nabholz Construction Corporation Master Electrician2017
Pro Electric LCElectrical Contractor2019
Probuilt Patio and Enclosure, Inc.General Contractor C2019
Pruser, Eugene / Pruser Electrical Master Electrician2019
Pyle Construction IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Quality Electric of Douglas County, IncElectrical Contractor2017
Quality Structures, Inc General Contractor B2019
Quentin Ouellette / Capstone DevelopmentMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Quigley, George SJourneyman Electrician2019
R&R DevelopersGeneral Contractor A2019
Raelee Howard / V&V ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Randal Schultz / Hood Heating & Air IncMaster Mechanical2018
Randall Schulz / Hood Htg & AirMaster Plumber2018
Randy L Crow / Ziegler Electric Service IncMaster Electrician2019
Randy Theodore Pauly / Rapid Services, LLC Master Drainlayer2018
Rapid Services, LLC Drainlaying Contractor2018
Raybern Electric / David RaybernElectrical Contractor2019
Rays Electric IncElectrical Contractor2019
RB ContractorsGeneral Contractor A2017
Re:DoneGeneral Contractor A2019
Reaching SolutionsSign Contractor2017
Redel Construction Inc./Terry RedelGeneral Contractor B2019
Redi Refrigeration Inc Mechanical Contractor2018
Reece Howell / LamunyonMaster Mechanical2018
Reece Howell / LamunyonMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Reed, Steven R. / Economy ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Reid Plumbing Heating & AirPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Rendy Habiger / McElroy’sJourneyman Plumber2018
Restoration Services of Kansas IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Restore of the HeartlandGeneral Contractor A2019
Retail Construction Services Inc - Stephen BachmanGeneral Contractor A2019
Retro Tech Systems LLCElectrical Contractor2019
Revival Construction General Contractor C2019
RF Construction IncGeneral Contractor A2019
RHC Construction Services / Robert SterlingGeneral Contractor C2019
Richard (Rick) DalbyJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Richard Barchak / Pro Electric, LCMaster Electrician2019
Richard Conti / Fatboy Electric, IncMaster Electrician20011
Richard Jones, Jr. / US Engineering CompanyMaster Mechanical2018
Richard L Drake II / Southwestern Electrical Co, IncMaster Electrician2017
Richard Laird IIMaster Electrician2019
Richard R ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2017
Richard Schmidt / Plumbing Technicians Inc / Richard SchmidtMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Richard Taylor / KSU Housing & DiningMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Richard Taylor / KSU Housing & DiningJourneyman Electrician2019
Richard Twombly / McElroys IncJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Richard Wilson Journeyman Electrician2019
Rick Davis / CCE Service IncJourneyman Electrician2019
Ricky L Lowe / A&H ElectricMaster Electrician2017
Riley Construction Company, IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Rite Lite Signs, IncSign Contractor2017
RM Baril General Contractor Inc.General Contractor A2019
Robbie Crowley / Coleman ElecJourneyman Electrician2019
Robert C Flynn / Standard Plumbing Master Mechanical2018
Robert C. Flynn / Standard PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Robert Cansler / Mid-American Water and Plumbing Inc Master Plumber with Gas2018
Robert Crubel / ECI Systems, IncMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Robert Crubel / ECI Systems, IncMaster Mechanical2018
Robert D Smith / Erbert ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Robert Foster / CMS Mechanical Services, LLCMaster Mechanical2018
Robert Gray Journeyman Mechanical2018
Robert J Sterling / Roberts Heating & CoolingMaster Mechanical2018
Robert OttGeneral Contractor A2017
Robert R DowningMaster Plumber2018
Robert Scott / EucalyptusMaster Mechanical2018
Robert Scott / Eucalyptus Real EstateMaster Plumber2018
Robert W Lee III / Lee PlumbingMaster Mechanical2018
Roberts ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Roberts Heating & Cooling Mechanical Contractor2018
Robinson Building CorpGeneral Contractor B2019
Robke Custom Homes IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Roblyer, DanielJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Roblyer, Michael DJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Roblyer, Michael DJourneyman Mechanical2018
Rock Construction IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Rodney Hewitt / Hewitt HVAC ServicesMaster Mechanical2018
Rodney JeanneretMaster Mechanical2018
Rodney Mogge / Piping Contractors of Kansas IncMaster Mechanical2018
Ron Stratman / Accurate Electric IncMaster Electrician2019
Ron Wells ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Ronald J Moss / Midstate MechanicalMaster Mechanical2018
Ronald L Gocken Journeyman Electrician2019
Rons Sign CompanySign Contractor2019
Ross Lignitz ConstructionGeneral Contractor B2019
Rothwell Landscape IncIrrigation Contractor2018
Roy Griffith / Roy Griffith Master Mechanical2018
Royal Seal Construction IncGeneral Contractor A2017
Royce Hillegeist / Precision Electrical ContractorsMaster Electrician2019
Russell D Chrest Master Mechanical2018
Russell MatzkeMaster Electrician2019
Russell Trecek / Fine FinishesGeneral Contractor A2019
Russell WebsterMaster Mechanical2018
Rusted Hinge LLCGeneral Contractor C2019
Ryan Braddock / H&H ContractingJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Ryan C Olberding / Affordable ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Ryan Contractors IncGeneral Contractor A2017
Ryan Curry / Guardian ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Ryan HaugaardGeneral Contractor B2017
Ryan J Boeckman / BK ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Ryan KufahlJourneyman Electrician2019
Ryan Niles / Roberts Heating & CoolingMaster Mechanical2018
Ryan PetersonMaster Electrician2019
Ryan Smith / Smith PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
S&K ContractingGeneral Contractor A2019
S&K Electrical Electrical Contractor2019
S&K Property ManagementGeneral Contractor A2019
Samco, IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Samuel D Wilcox / Flint Rock ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Scardina Construction, Inc.General Contractor A2019
Schadegg ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Schardein Electric / Travis SchardeinElectrical Contractor2017
Schendel Lawn & LandscapeIrrigation Contractor2018
Schultz Construction IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Schurle SignsSign Contractor2019
Schurle, L Dewayne / Larson Cons.Journeyman Drainlayer2018
Scott Appleby / Unified Contracting Services, IncMaster Electrician2017
Scott Fox / M & S PlumbingJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Scott Gillam General Contractor A2019
Scott Perry / Miller Electric IncJourneyman Electrician2019
Sean Luke / Luke’s LLCMaster Mechanical2018
Sean Madden / Better Service IncMaster Mechanical2018
Sean R Krainbill / Central Mech ConstructionJourneyman Mechanical2018
Security Vault Works / Timothy AbellGeneral Contractor B2019
Seematter, Terry RJourneyman Gasfitter2018
Senne & Company IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Seymour, MichaelMaster Electrician2019
Shane P Bolton / Hood Heating & AirJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Shannon J Cozadd / DL Smith ElectricJourneyman Electrician2017
Shawn E OMalley / McElroys IncJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Shawn Lightfoot / P1 GroupMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Shawn P Smith / DL Smith ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Shawns Sign Service IncSign Contractor2017
Shayne Skare / S&K ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Shelley Electric, Inc.Electrical Contractor2019
Shivley & Irvine ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Shoemaker ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Sign Planet LLCSign Contractor2017
Simpson Construction Services Inc General Contractor A2019
Skidmore Services LLC (Mr. Handyman) - Robert SkidmoreGeneral Contractor B2019
Sky Contracting Company IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Skylar RadenbergJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Skyview Construction & Crane LLCElectrical Contractor2017
Smith Plumbing LLCPlumbing Contractor2018
Smithhisler Development, Inc.General Contractor A2017
Son H NgoMaster Mechanical2018
Southwestern Electrical Co, IncElectrical Contractor2017
Spencer BowersMaster Mechanical2018
Spencer Bowers / DR PlumbingJourneyman Mechanical2018
Stan Hambright / Bayer ConstructionMaster Drainlayer2018
Standard Plumbing IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Stanley E MooreJourneyman Electrician2019
Steffin McLean / McLean ElectricMaster Electrician2017
Steiner, Randall / Bobs PlumbingMaster Mechanical2018
Steiner, Victor / Bobs PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Stephen Ayres, LLC General Contractor C2019
Stephen BarthMaster Mechanical2018
Stephen BarthMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Stephen Burnett / Amp Electric Master Electrician2019
Stephen P Maslan & CompanyGeneral Contractor A2017
Steve Matthews / Steve Matthews ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Steve Matthews ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Steve Minson / Miller Electric IncMaster Electrician2019
Steve Reyes / CK Contracting LLCJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Steven BurtonJourneyman Electrician2019
Steven D Jones / Ace Electric-Jones Co IncMaster Electrician2019
Steven LundinJourneyman Electrician2019
Steven Reynolds / Redi Refrigeration IncMaster Mechanical2018
Steven Smith / McElroys ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Stevenson, David / Central Mechanical ServicesJourneyman Mechanical2018
Stevenson, David / Central Mechanical ServicesMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Stine-Nichols Plumbing IncPlumbing Contractor2018
Stockwell Construction Co, Inc.General Contractor A2019
StoreCrafters, IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Stowe Enterprises, IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Stray Voltage LLCElectrical Contractor2017
Stuart Raaf / Faith TechnologiesMaster Electrician2019
Sturdi-Bilt Storage Barns, Inc. - Gary MillerGeneral Contractor B2019
Sullivan Construction General Contractor A2017
Sumner Construction IncGeneral Contractor C2019
Sunflower Construction & Consulting LLCGeneral Contractor A2017
Sunset Plumbing LLCPlumbing Contractor2018
SunwrightsGeneral Contractor A2019
Superior Roofing M&M, Inc.General Contractor A2019
Supreme Electric Electrical Contractor2019
Swanson, Bradley / M&SMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Swanson, Bradley / M&SMaster Mechanical2018
Swiger ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Switchgrass DevelopmentGeneral Contractor C2019
Sydni J Baker / DeHart PlumbingMaster Mechanical2018
T&S Construction IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Tad Byrd / Southwestern Electrical Co., IncJourneyman Electrician2017
Tann ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Tanner Tholen / Heineken ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Teddy E Kayton / IES Commercial IncMaster Electrician2019
Terry J HooperGeneral Contractor A2019
Terry Luse / Terrys PlumbingPlumbing Contractor2018
Terry R SeematterMaster Mechanical2018
Terrys Plumbing IncPlumbing Contractor2018
Thad Fruits / Skyview Construction & Crane LLCMaster Electrician2017
The Carson CompanyGeneral Contractor C2019
The Carson CompanySign Contractor2019
The Electrician IncGeneral Contractor B2019
The Homebuilders ( Carol & Daniel Sherley )General Contractor A2019
The Islas FamMechanical Contractor2018
The Law CompanyGeneral Contractor A2019
The Southard CorporationGeneral Contractor A2019
The Waldinger CorporationPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
Thede, LeonMaster Plumber2018
Thermal Comfort Air, Inc.Mechanical Contractor2018
Thierer Construction, Inc.General Contractor A2019
Thomas Chaline / Alternative AirMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Thomas Cook / Blue Collar ComfortMaster Mechanical2018
Thomas Darling / Boman ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Thomas L Barnes / DRCL ElectricMaster Electrician2017
Thomas Outdoor Advertising IncSign Contractor2019
Thomas Sign CompanySign Contractor2019
Thomas Sign ServiceSign Contractor2019
Thomas Tavtigian General Contractor A2019
Thompson ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Thornton Construction % Don ThorntonGeneral Contractor A2019
Thrasher-Kansas, IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Three Trails Heating & Cooling, LLCMechanical Contractor2018
Tim Hecht / US Engineering CompanyMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Tim Morstorf / M&M Services IncMaster Electrician2019
Tim Robinson / Wood Air Conditioning IncMaster Mechanical2018
Tim Sleichter / C&K Construction Master Plumber with Gas2018
Tim Wege / Tim Wege Const. Inc.General Contractor A2019
Timber and Stone General Contractor A2019
Timm ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Timothy Ball / Elliott Electrical IncJourneyman Electrician2019
Timothy D Dugan / Ground Source IncMaster Mechanical2018
Timothy GruisJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Timothy KnudsenGeneral Contractor A2019
Timothy Phillips / Elliott Electrical IncMaster Electrician2017
Timothy Umscheid / Bobs Plumbing Heating & AIrMaster Mechanical2018
TJ Bullock / Central Mechanical ConstructionMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Todd Akins Master Plumber with Gas2018
Todd Akins Plumbing / Todd AkinsPlumbing Contractor2018
Todd Kickhaefer / Reid Plumbing Heating & ACMaster Mechanical2018
Todd Olson / V&V ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Todd Volling / Stray Voltage LLCMaster Electrician2017
Tom Broderick / Bell ElectricalMaster Electrician2019
Tom Zoglmann / Shelley Electric, IncMaster Electrician2019
Tony Coleman Master Electrician2019
Tony Malcom / Phillips Southern Electric Co, IncJourneyman Electrician2019
Tony Reid / Reid PlumbingMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Tony Reid/ Reid PlumbingMaster Mechanical2018
Top Master, IncPlumbing Contractor2018
Topcut Dimensions IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Torgeson Electric Co, Inc.Electrical Contractor2019
Tracy AhlquistMaster Electrician2019
Travis HiattJourneyman Electrician2019
Travis KehlerMaster Mechanical2018
Travis LincolnMaster Electrician2017
Travis Matteson / US Engineering Journeyman Mechanical2018
Travis R. Steerman / Heartland ElectricJourneyman Electrician2017
Travis Schardein / Schardein ElectricMaster Electrician2017
Treehouse ServicesMechanical Contractor2018
Trent Zoeller / Central MechanicalJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Trenton RossMaster Mechanical2018
Trenton RossMaster Plumber with Gas2018
Trey SmedleyJourneyman Electrician2019
Tri City FenceGeneral Contractor A2017
Tri City Sign Company, IncSign Contractor2019
Triad, IncGeneral Contractor A2017
Trimark Signworks, IncSign Contractor2019
Trinium, Inc / Marcus MeekerGeneral Contractor A2019
Troy Babst / Thermal Comfort AirMaster Mechanical2018
Troy Shaver / Custom Sheet Metal Journeyman Mechanical2018
Tuff Shed IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Turbo Construction General Contractor B2019
Twin Shores Management LLCGeneral Contractor A2017
Tyler Steiner / Bobs Heating and AirMaster Mechanical2018
Tyler Zenger / Heineken ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Unified Contracting Services, IncElectrical Contractor2017
United Heating & Cooling IncPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
US Engineering CompanyPlumb./Mech. Combination Contractor2018
V&V Electric / Vic Olson, IIElectrical Contractor2019
Valburg ElectricElectrical Contractor2019
Vanguard Home Designs, LLCGeneral Contractor B2018
VanMeter ConstructionGeneral Contractor B2017
VanNahmen Construction IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Velex IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Velex IncElectrical Contractor2019
Venture Construction CompanyGen. Combination Contractor2019
Verge Construction IncGeneral Contractor C2019
VEXSPA, LLCGeneral Contractor B2019
Victor L Steiner / Bobs Heating & AirMaster Mechanical2018
Victor Olson III / V&V ElectricMaster Electrician2019
Von Elling Construction IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Von Elling Electric IncElectrical Contractor2019
Von Elling Jr, William HlMaster Electrician2019
Von Kopfman / Blue DotMaster Mechanical2018
VR LLCGeneral Contractor B2017
Wachter, IncElectrical Contractor2019
Wade Knoettgen / Heineken ElectricJourneyman Electrician2019
Wade, RonnieMaster Electrician2017
Wagner, Robert AJourneyman Mechanical2018
Walters-Morgan Construction IncGeneral Contractor A2019
Wayne Oshel / Plumbing Technicians Inc / Richard SchmidtJourneyman Plumber with Gas2018
Weddle and Sons IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Weisbender Contracting, Inc.General Contractor A2019
Weisbender HomesGeneral Contractor C2019
Westerhouse Heating & CoolingMechanical Contractor2018
Western Construction (Jayson Werner)General Contractor A2019
Westhues Electric IncElectrical Contractor2017
White, Tim /Butler Plumb. & HeatingJourneyman Mechanical2018
White, Tim /Butler Plumb. & HeatingJourneyman Plumber2018
Wichita Electric Company IncElectrical Contractor2017
Wichman Electric LLCElectrical Contractor2019
Wildcat Construction General Contractor B2019
Wildcat Construction Co., IncDrainlaying Contractor2018
Wildcat Guttering and ExteriorsGeneral Contractor A2019
Wildcat Property ManagementGeneral Contractor A2019
Wildcat Services Inc / Tyler KuntzGeneral Contractor A2019
William Chrisco / DR Plumbing Master Mechanical2018
William D HartJourneyman Electrician2019
William E Gates / Shelley ElecMaster Electrician2017
William Felts / Midtown ServicesMaster Mechanical2018
William Finke III / Heineken Electric CoJourneyman Electrician2019
William Flickinger II / Flicks Heating and CoolingMaster Mechanical2018
William Jones / Custom SheetmetalMaster Mechanical2018
William Reynolds / Elliott Electrical IncJourneyman Electrician2017
William RobertsonJourneyman Electrician2019
WIlliam RosaJourneyman Electrician2019
Wilson, Dennis EJourneyman Mechanical2018
Window Design Company General Contractor C2018
Wolf Construction IncGeneral Contractor B2019
Wolfgang Construction LLCGeneral Contractor C2019
Wood Air Conditioning IncMechanical Contractor2018
Woodrow McNemar / Heineken ElectricMaster Electrician2017
Woodworth ConstructionGeneral Contractor A2019
Worden Construction IncGeneral Contractor A2019
York, Larry / ECI Systems, IncJourneyman Electrician2019
Zac Forsyth / Fahnestock Plumbing HVAC ElectricMaster Mechanical2018
Zachary Krause / KVK IncMaster Mechanical2018
Zernco IncGeneral Contractor A2017
Ziegler Electric Service, IncElectrical Contractor2019
Ziegler, Kenny / Thermal Comfort AirJourneyman Mechanical2018